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Amy Christiansen, Senior Advisor


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My friends and family often hear me saying, “If you don’t LOVE Disney, then you are not doing it right!”  I have a slight obsession with Disney planning.  It truly is a passion.  I am constantly seeking to learn more of the ins and outs of this AMAZING destination!  I truly believe in Disney magic:  there are not many things as magical as seeing Disney through the eyes of your child.  Disney is my happy place!

What is better than a Disney vacation?  A Disney vacation surrounded by the people you love!  I have been blessed to enjoy Disney World, Disney Cruise Line and Disney runs with my family.  All of them are memories that I cherish.  I am married to a wonderful husband who lovingly states that he works to support my Disney passion. J  I have 4 beautiful and amazing children who have grown up going to Disney and traveling to amazing destinations throughout the world.  It is not uncommon for my children to ask, on an almost daily basis, if we can go back to Disney.  I have conquered Disney many times with infants, toddlers, and grandparents too.  We are a Disney loving family, for sure!  I think the moment Disney added the Star Wars franchise, my family knew this was “our thing.”  I mean, how could it get better?!

It honestly brings me joy to plan special vacations for others.  I will work with you to make all your dreams come true!  Let’s make some memories!

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