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Becca Carnes, Travel Advisor


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More About Becca

I love Disney! My love for Disney started as an adult. I always loved watching Disney movies growing up and pined to go to Disney World someday but I never got to experience Disney until we went on an extended family Disney Cruise.  I was blown away by the time and effort Disney puts in to making people’s vacations special.  I was hooked! My husband laughs at my pictures of walking into Magic Kingdom for the first time because my smile couldn’t have been any bigger! After our first trip to Disney World, I started planning our second.  Disney is one of the only vacations where the baby, the boy, the girl, the mom, the dad, and the grandparents are all engaged and thrilled!

I have been married to my husband (who affectionately calls me His Disney Ninja) for 11 years and we have 3 beautiful children (2 Jedi Warriors and 1 tiny princess).  I am so blessed to have the ability to share my love of Disney with others and travel with my family to different Disney destinations! We love Disney Cruises and Disney World and my kids are begging to try Disneyland soon!

I would love it if you shared your trip experience with me and allowed me the opportunity to give you a personalized Disney dream vacation!! 



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